Upper Canada Village or Back to the Future. Part 1

In next few reports I will tell you about our Upper Canada Village experience. It would be the end in the series of reports about our short trip from Toronto to Quebec city. We have a lot of photos so this will be the first part of story.

You can see all my reports from this trip via this links: Ottawa, Montreal, Montmorency Falls, Quebec city.

We heard a lot about Upper Canada Village and saw some videos from there that is why have decided to see it. I remember some open air museum in Ukraine but their were like dead museum Upper Canada Village is alive. This museum is located between Montreal and Toronto, much closer to Montreal though. 

It is really live museum, here live work a lot of people.

Their kind of actors because from 9:30 am till 5 pm they are playing roles. 

Roles of an habitants of 19 century village.

Them do it just great.

Atmosphere of Upper Canada Village make you feel life of those years.

People there work everyday in different areas. Like:

wool fabric

Flour Mills

Gazette Printing office

Cooks Tavern

In blacksmith's services

Drag Saw


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