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How we were exploring the Manitoulin Island

Manitoulin Island which is the biggest Island in freshwater located on the Great Lake Huron and belongs to Canadian province Ontario. You can reach this place in four ways: by ferry from Tobermory town and via small rolling bridge near Sudbury city, by boat or plane. In both ways you must use a car.

We were prepared for short two days trip from Richmond Hill. We had decided too late and almost all hotels rooms were already booked. Fortunately we found one space in Martha's Inn Bed & Breakfast some very small room for 90 Canadian dollars (hotel prices in Canada sometimes ridiculously high. BTW I must say that not so many of hotels and Bed and Breakfast hotels are happy to have a babies or infants in their places. Can I describe it like some kind of discrimination or so?
Anyway we were happy and ready to go next day. I almost forget to tell that we have booked space in a ferry for us and our car. Guy via phone tell us that it would cost us 85 bucks, 15 for an adults and 30 fo…

Wildlife on the Islands in Canada

30,000 Islands is a very beautiful and great place for "wild" life in Canada. And this beauty is located just for a couple of hours far from Toronto. You can take a boat cruise from Parry Sound.

Had a lot of fun in Niagara Butterfly Conservatory

Today we were in the Niagara Butterfly Conservatory

Very nice place to have fun especially for kids.

We went wild in Africa Lion Safari

Today we went wild in Africa Lion Safari.

It is just about an hour and half driving from Toronto. Admission is $24.95 per adult but you can save some if you have a CAA membership

Safari's gates closes at 4pm. At 12 am and 5 pm you can see an elephants taking a bath.

Highly recommend this place.