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Among the bears and moose

So last weekend we were spending among the bears and moose and wolfs in Algonquin Park. But I can confess that unfortunately or maybe fortunately we have seen just a deer and moose in this beautiful park.

If you are going from Toronto by car it would take at least 3,5 hours to get to Algonquin Park.

But this is nice trip. On the way you can see a lot of nice places and landscapes.

Right after the parking lot we have met sign which was saying “Use on your own risk”

And here is picture which might scare you.

After parking lot we had to take a walk about 2'5 kilometres to reach this nice lodge which is called Algonquin Eco-Lodge.

Fortunately the most dangerous animal which we had met on the way was this turtle.

In past this cottage was used by hunters but today it is very cozy place for staying among the wild nature. There is no Internet or 3G or mobile network. So you have to be away from Facebook and email which is very good.

One more interesting fact about this lodge. They use hy…

Wildness of Algonquin Eco-Lodge

We just came back to home from a quite wild place where we were spending a couple of days without Internet and cellphones services but with mooses, beavers, wolfs and bears around us... and a lots of mosquitos of course. I can highly recommend Algonquin Eco-Lodge.

Details later. Stay tuned.

Trip to Algonquin Park

Tomorrow we are going to Algonquin Park. It should be a couple of days without Internet, cell phones and other modern stuff. Have a great weekend everyone!

Danger on the route from Montreal to Toronto

I would like to share with you top secret information about danger on the 401 Macdonald-Cartier Freeway between Montreal and Toronto. We hear a lot about Upper Canada Village and we would like to see what it is about. On our way from Montreal to Toronto we have decided to have a break and we turned on exit 770 for County Road 14 to Upper Canada Village.

It was wrong decision causewe got stuck in there...

...and we were being forced to work hard.

We are lucky that we were being rescued.

There a lot of people who stuck there for more than 10 years

It is joke for sure. Upper Canada Village is such a beautiful place when you can see a lot of things from old times and learn. I will tell you more about it little bit later. 

Stay tuned!

Short review from the best city of Canada

I really love Quebec city. For me it is the best city in Canada so far.

Montmorency Falls

Montreal is a European capital of North America

Today we are going from Montreal to Quebec city. This is short photo review from the European capital of North America.

Ottawa is the capital of Canada

We are in a trip now. Our way is going from Toronto to Quebec city. We were in Ottawa yesterday and today we are staying in Montreal. Tomorrow we will go to Quebec city.

Just a couple of photos for now.

Stay tuned

Explore Canada: Camping in the Pinery Provincial Park on Lake Huron

Our newborn daughter was just month and half when our friends asked us to join them in camping. At first we were afraid that that kind of experience would not be quite good for baby. But friends was assured us that there is nothing to afraid of. And after short discussion with my wife we have decided to go. It should be our first camping experience in Canada and for sure first camping for our daughter. 

If your are going from Toronto to Pinery park by car it would take around three hours depends on traffic, speed and numbers of stops. As always in North America real country opened to you when you are turning away from highways and are going by small roads. Small cute farms, airports for just a couple of planes and helicopters, beautiful lands, horses, sheep and cows. Wonderful. 

When we arrived to Pinery park it was afternoon already. We had booked one place but staff of this park said that for that numbers of people which we were, we need one more site. Fortunately they had one more…

New Brooks Brothers store in Toronto has been opened

New Brooks Brothers store at Bayview village in Toronto has been opened today. They've got good amount of great stuff for men and women. Enjoy!