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Some useful tips how to visit African Lion Safari

We go to this nice place every year and we learn some rules and tips, which I am sure might be helpful for you, when you decide to go.

1. First of all, never, never, never go there on long weekend. You can easily stuck in traffic for an hour. That exactly what happen with us this year. From turn of Concession Rd 8 to Cooper Rd until cashiers we've spend about an hour in traffic. Literally.

2. Second tip, you can come on Elephants swimming time. You can find schedule here

3. Right after elephants swim you can visit bird and animal shows. I would recommend "Birds of Prey" flying demonstration and "Elephant Round-Up". Elephant show a must see. But be prepare for sitting on open space under the sun. On sunny, hot day it could be very hard.

4. After elephant show you can have a elephant ride.

5. Then you can get some lunch but I would recommend go directly to Safari itself. You can check the closing sa…

Rise of the Planet of the Apes Near Toronto

Rise of the Planet of the Apesclose to Toronto
We've got some unusual (at least for us) experience at African Lion Safari in Hamilton, Ontario this year.