I love Quebec city

Well finally I have a time to continue story about our trip through Canada. Just want to remind you that first parts of our story you can read here, here and here.

Quebec city one of the oldest cities in North America.

Just there, on the banks of Saint Lawrence River came French explorer Jacques Cartier.

But founder of Quebec city became another French explorer Samuel de Champlain. It has became a New France.

The city is beautiful.

Quebec city is very homelike and soulful.

Despite the fact that Quebec city is the capital of the Canadian province of Quebec it has a spirit of small provincial city.

It has a quite big port.

We fall in love with this city.

I like that people there not so good speak English.

Ch√Ęteau Frontenac one of the most famous buildings in Quebec city.

It is hotel which is looks like castle from fairytale.

Upper Town lies on the top of Cap-Diamant promontory.

That is why while you driving there you can feel like in San Francisco sometimes

You should reserve at list a couple of days to spend in Quebec city.

You can just walking around the Old city and enjoy the nice spirit of New France.

Great city for staying in hotel, visiting restaurants, sitting at a parks.

I could live there for sure.

My kind of town Quebec is.

And we are going to visit it again as soon as we can.


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