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First night at Pinery Provincial Park

Having great time at Pinery Provincial Park.

Canada Day in Pinery Provincial Park

We are going to Pinery Provincial Park for Canada Day.

We were there last summer. It was just awesome.

One more Brooks Brothers store in Toronto

I was surprised to discover one more Brooks Brothers store in Toronto.

It is located on Bloor street and St. George street. On the last week I saw sign about sale there.

Photo Journey through USA. Orlando - Miami

As I said before after visiting Disney World in Orlando we were staying in hotel.

And in the morning we were ready to take a road.

It was already pretty hot over there

After a couple of hours we have started have strong feelings that we are getting closer and closer.

 We had turned to road A1A which is going by ocean. We were among the American Dream.

 Somebody were still working on his dream

and somebody has finished it already

Beautiful houses, hotels, apartments and golf clubs.

Everything just were screaming to you: "Forget about work"

And soon we have got to Miami downtown

It was pretty nice and clean

Free of charge train which ii going through downtown

Yellow cab for newyorkers

There is a lot of boats. Some of them looks like this

Some of them like this

Miami police on guard

Some architecture might remind about Spain's root of Florida

Yachts instead of automobiles.

So this is all for now.

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Photo Journey through USA. Disney World, Orlando

We had started our trip from New York to Charlotte and after that we went from Charlotte to Orlando.

So here we are. Disney World in Orlando, Florida. We had just a one day for this place so we had decided go to Disney's Hollywood Studios.

After parking we took the train to reach gates of Disney World.

It was funny for me to see a Christmas tree among the palms.

Prices a couple of years ago

And Hollywood inside

But it looks like pretty old Hollywood. Something like from 70-80 years.

But still it is quite beautiful.

Here they were showing us a power of Hollywood with explosions and stuff.

Indiana Johnes was trying to catch our attention

But we went to Star Wars.

During our waiting Jedi were teaching children.

Inside the Star Wars building

This attraction was quite interesting but too short. Is it worth a long waiting time in the line? I am not sure.

"Honey, I Shrunk The Kids".

After Star Wars we were walking a little and had a lunch.

Manhattan in Florida.

There a lot of g…