Walking in downtown of Toronto

Well lets take a short walking trip in downtown of Toronto. If you're going from our town Richmond Hill without traffic it would takes about 30 minutes.

One of the famous thing in Canada along with Niagara Falls would be CN Tower.

A few years ago it was the tallest structures in the world. Guinness World Records has called the CN Tower "the world's tallest self-supporting tower" and "the world's tallest free-standing tower", regarding to Wikipedia.

CN Tower is a like visit card of Toronto and whole Canada I might say. Like Eiffel tower in France.

This is like Toronto looks from the 360 restaurant. I will tell about that place in one of the farther reports.

Toronto is located besides the Ontario Lake. Toronto is a biggest city in Canada but capital of Canada is Ottawa.

Toronto's downtown is pretty clean and nice. But there is not so much places for walking like lets say in New York, SanFrancisco or even Chicago.

It is hard to meet homeless on the Toronto's streets. Brooks Brothers store in Toronto.

Inside the Canada Trust Tower which is belongs to Canada's TD bank

Here you can find some stores and restaurants. Nice place for shopping and relaxing especially during the winter time.

But in Canada a lot of people like winter and snow and off course hockey

Canada are provide special attitude to immigrants. Toronto's sculpture for immigrant's family. Toronto is like gates into Canada huge amount of immigrants are landing here and stay Toronto as well.

In Toronto exist quite old buildings as well as modern buildings. Such a some of corpuses of University of Toronto.

You can find here some of nice installations.

Exhibitions of nice Ferraris on the Bloor street which is known as fashion street of Toronto.

City which is never sleep? It could be Toronto as well as New York.

So let's say goodbye for now to downtown. I promise we will back again soon.


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