Explore Canada. Niagara Falls

Probably one of the famous place in whole country is Niagara Falls. A huge amount of people around the world know about this falls. But not so many knows that this famous falls is located in Canada. Well at least the best of its part is located in Canada.

So from town of Richmond Hill where I actually live road to Niagara is about one and half hour. With traffic this trip could be quite longer. For us it took two hours.

Downtown of Niagara Falls city has reminded me Disney Land in Orlando, Florida.

Around falls everything is set up for good and comfortable view on it

So here it is. Beauty and fury of Niagara Falls

Horseshoe Falls looks not so high as I expected but it is really wide and powerful

A lot of brave people was trying to conquer of Niagara Falls but just few of them survived

Because something terrible is going on inside

Captain of The Maid of the Mist boat with tourists aboard is trying to come up closer and closer to wild water

I am not sure if power of that boat would be enough to came under water an seem like nobody on the boat wants to know that.

That was good to learn that there are two of Niagara Falls. One of them located on US site and another, the best one, belong to Canada.

Between two of them

Power of water

Sort of CN Tower

Well this is pretty much it for first time. We going to meet soon again.


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