Among the bears and moose

So last weekend we were spending among the bears and moose and wolfs in Algonquin Park. But I can confess that unfortunately or maybe fortunately we have seen just a deer and moose in this beautiful park.

If you are going from Toronto by car it would take at least 3,5 hours to get to Algonquin Park.

But this is nice trip. On the way you can see a lot of nice places and landscapes.

Right after the parking lot we have met sign which was saying “Use on your own risk”

And here is picture which might scare you.

After parking lot we had to take a walk about 2'5 kilometres to reach this nice lodge which is called Algonquin Eco-Lodge.

Fortunately the most dangerous animal which we had met on the way was this turtle.

In past this cottage was used by hunters but today it is very cozy place for staying among the wild nature. There is no Internet or 3G or mobile network. So you have to be away from Facebook and email which is very good.

One more interesting fact about this lodge. They use hydropower to get electricity so it is like 100% natural stuff.

They also have a nice and big private lake. It is very peaceful place.

Workers of the Eco-Lodge told us that they have seen bears very close to cottage quite often.

I was boating with hope to see at least one bear but I was not lucky at all.

But in Algonquin Park itself we have seen a young deer and big black moose.

View on the Park from the lookout.

I noticed interesting detail. There is special lists for visitor registration in the beginnings of the trails. They ask you sign your names how may people and where are you from. I assume this would be useful for rangers and police in case if somebody would missing.

There is a lot of small and nice animals which you can easily see.

Well we will return to this places for sure.


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