7 Best Towns in Ontario You Have To Visit in 2016

This is the fist part of the list of the 7 Best Towns in Ontario that You Have To Visit in 2016. If you never been to any of these places it is time to discover them.

1. Elora, Ontario. Ontario's Most Beautiful Village

Elora is a very beautiful and cozy community in the township of Centre Wellington, Ontario. It is located close to Guelph. If you are driving from Toronto it would take about an hour and half to get there. Approximately the same driving range from Richmond Hill, Aurora and Newmarket.

(It is well known for its 19th-century limestone architecture, its artistic community and the geographically significant Elora Gorge.)

What to do: Walk and explore the town.

What to see: The Old Mill in Elora, David St. Bridge, Elora Gorge Conservation Area and Elora Canyon.

Where to eat: Cork Restaurant, Box Social, The Cellar Pub And Grill.

2. Stratford, Ontario. One of the most romantic towns in Ontario

I remember that we’ve discovered Stratford by accident. We were going on camping to the Pinery Provincial Park and GPS led is through countryside and we found this beautiful city. Then we promised ourselves that we will return and discover this place. So we’ve been in Stratford many times since then.

City is about two hours drive from Toronto.

What to do: Visit antique shops, took a boat on the lake Victoria, Visit The Stratford Theatre Festival.

What to see: Enjoy the peace of Shakespearean Gardens

Where to eat: Pazzo Taverna and Pizzeria, Bijou Restaurant, Fellini's Italian -Mediterranean

3. Goderich, Ontario. “The prettiest town in Canada” according to Queen Elizabeth II.

Although it is very nice town I wouldn’t agree with our Queen. But of course it has its own charm and beauty. It is about three hours drive from Toronto.

What to do: Discover town, Go for camping at Point Farms Provincial Park

What to see: Courthouse Square, Goderich Main Beach, Goderich Lighthouse

Where to eat: Thyme On Twenty One Casual Dining, Goderich Harbour Restaurant, Park House Bar & Restaurant.

4. Parry Sound, Ontario - is the town of Georgian Bay's 30,000 Islands. 

If you want to get there from Toronto it would take about 3 hours drive. Could be less but to be on a safe side think about 3 hours.

Town itself nothing special as for me. But nature around is something. Many of lakes, provincial parks making this Muskoka edge place just simply splendid.

What to do: Take Island Queen Cruise

What to see: 30,000 islands

Where to eat: Lill's Place, Bay Street Cafe, Or just grab your own portable BBQ and spend a couple of hours somewhere at the lake,

5. Barrie, Ontario - City on the Lake Simcoe.

About an hour drive and you are in the Lake Simcoe Resort City. Many cities parks not just overlooking Kempenfelt Bay but give you a vacation feel. Just walk and feel Simcoe’s breeze.

What to do: Relax in the parks

What to see: Heritage Park, downtown

Where to eat: The North Restaurant, Painters Hall Bistro

6. Huntsville, Ontario - One of Muskoka’s best town and the largest one.
It is located in one of the best region in Ontario - Muskoka district or Cottage Country. In 2011 National Geographic Traveler named Muskoka as the best summer destination.

Huntsville is about 2 hours drive from Toronto. The road itself is splendid and you can extend that pleasure if you turn from highway to small roads around.

What to do: Drive around, Walk through the town, Relax at Town Dock Park

What to see: Lions lookout, Dorset Lookout Tower (not quite Huntsville but worth to drive there), Canada Summit Centre

Where to eat: On The Docks Pub, La Dolce Vita Trattoria, That Little Place By The Lights

7. Niagara on the Lake - This is one of the best towns in Ontario. In my opinion of course but I think many ontarians would agree. Every time you’re going to see the greatest waterfalls Niagara Falls you should include Niagara on the Lake in your trip. That what we do.

The best route to get there is Niagara Parkway which is going from Falls right to the heart of Niagara on the Lake. In summer time it is just flooding with amazing flowers. Just an hour and half drive and you in most romantic place you can imagine.

What to do: Take a walk through the town, go for shopping, take a carriage ride from a 4 star hotel Prince of Wales, get your feet wet at Queen's Royal Park, test wines at many wineries in the area, take Whirlpool Jet Boat Tour.
What to see: Queen street, Queen's Royal Park, Heritage houses, Fort George, Irish Tea Room
Where to eat: Bistro Six One, Prince of Wales Escab├Ęche Restaurant, The Epicurean, HOB NOB Restaurant.

So make sure to visit at least three of them during this summer.


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