From Toronto to Montreal

That is weird coincidence but every time when we were in Montreal there was a winter. This one was not exception. I wanted to scream than I want to see this city in Summer. Anyway let me share a little photos from this one of the most European city in the whole North America.

If you are going to go to Montreal from Toronto by car it would take from 5 to 7 hours, depends on how often you would like to rest.

The first our stop was a Big Apple restaurant. It was totally not worth it.

Sorry guys nothing personal but we did not like your apple pies. My wife makes it a lot better. Or maybe we just have a weird sense of food.

Anyway after this stop we were continuing our trip. It was quite hard because of bad weather. It was snowing during all the time we were on road and that is why it took 8 hours for us to reach a Montreal.

So here we are.

As I said before from my point of view Montreal is one of the most European city in Canada and North America.

However I would not compare this city with Paris as some of people does. Fortunately or unfortunately it is nothing like Paris. From some point Montreal even better although I love Paris very much.

It is pretty nice mix of American kind of city and European.

Old city is the best part of Montreal for me.

I love those small streets and old buildings

Old city has a nice restaurants. I would like to discover in Toronto something like those restaurants.

It is good to walking on those streets even during winter time.

One of the best Canadian University McGill

If you have never been there before you should visit Montreal


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