Top 10 mistakes after immigration to Canada

Top 10 mistakes after immigration to Canada

1. Try to find your first home in good neighbourhood or community. First impression from the new country is very important and don't spoil your excitement after landing in Canada. In our opinion It is better to avoid ethnic minority communities.

2. Don't agree to be a part of the fraud schemes. Especially with insurance, mortgage, banks, taxes All information you need you can find on government websites and government organizations websites. You can always call to the Service Canada, Service Ontario (or other province) or special organizations that help immigrants such Welcome Centre or YMCA.

3. Don't adjust country to experience that you have from your home country. Some of the countries such USA or Australia might have a lot of common with Canada, but many countries are totally different so be ready to 

4. Don't bribe. Never.

5. Avoid conflicts and don't talk about people bad.

6. Always shop around. Don't buy things or services you need in a first store you see. Remember to shop around. 

7. Build your credit history and be careful with finances. Don't apply for many credit cards  

8. Don't wait for a car to get driver license. Even if you not planning to drive.

9. Be careful with volunteers. Go to work nor as a volunteer 

10. Don't be ashamed to use any help from government


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