What to do in Montreal if you're visiting for the first time

So you've decided to see the Cultural Capital of Canada (It is nonofficial, you don't mind me calling it that, right..) - Montreal?  Here are some things that you should do during your visit.

1. Mount Royal.

Do you remember The Whole Nine Yards movie's episode when Matthew Perry is showing his famous neighbour Bruce Willis the city? Exactly. They're having conversations at Kondiaronk Belvedere - one of the best Montreal lookout.

You can climb there, take a bus or drive. It is free. You only would need to pay for a parking or bus tickets.

2. Old Montreal.

Well it is one of the best part of Montreal. Just walk and enjoy a little bit of Paris' spirit there.

3. French Cuisine

After some good walk through Old Montreal you would be hungry for sure but no problem there are plenty of nice restaurants in Old Montreal. I would suggest to chose something with french cuisine with beautiful decor. Onion soup... Yum, yum.

4. Old Port of Montreal

And we are still here in Old Montreal in just a few steps down we will enter Old Port of Montreal which is also the iconic place to visit.

5. Saint Joseph's Oratory

Saint-Joseph's Oratory of Mount Royal is a unique architectural church with amazing view of Montreal from the observation deck. Climb the stairs to take a bus. Explore The Roman Catholic minor basilica with careful walks through this sacred place.

Enjoy Montreal!


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