Spring in Algonquin Park. Moose Watching Season.

If you never been to Algonquin Park in spring time you may want to give it a shot in May. We've been to Algonquin several times in May and every time we've spotted moose.

Spring offers the year's best Moose viewing and you typically don't have to search very hard to see Moose. The application of salt to Highway 60 during winter road maintenance operations, attracts Moose to roadside ditches. Moose with salt deficient winter diets, capitalize upon this unnatural source of salt and chances are you'll see a half dozen or more of these magnificent animals during a leisurely drive along Highway 60 on a May morning or evening.

Moose (and other wildlife) pose a serious danger to drivers. Stay alert as Moose can be on the road or standing in roadside ditches and are often surprisingly hard to see. Each year Moose and other wildlife are killed in vehicle collisions. Reduce your speed (especially at night) and help save the lives of Algonquin Park's Moose and possibly even your own.

If you see a Moose, pull onto the shoulder and off the traveled portion of the road and turn on your hazard lights to warn other drivers. If drivers flash their vehicle headlights at you in Algonquin Park, there's a good chance a Moose is ahead or maybe even a "Moose Jam" (a traffic jam caused by Moose watchers).

If you exit the vehicle, watch for traffic and ensure you keep a safe distance from wildlife. If you are watching a Moose and it flattens its ears the length of its body (rather than ears pointing to the sky), you are too close and you should back up.

Adapted from /www.algonquinpark.on.ca


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